Many clients have shown interest in importing from us

So for those who desire to acquire greater quantities, we have developed a progressive discount table to encourage you to do so. The more you buy, the grater the discount! 


How does it work:

1) Choose from the PACK price in our ORDER WHOLESALE page, you have 20%, 25%, 30% and 50% packs, according to the table bellow.
2) After choosing the number of pairs you want to buy, inform few details on the form so the order can be placed.
3) Once the purchase is completed, we will follow by email of (or via telephone, if you prefer) to verify all details about models, colors and sizes of your order! 
4) We will be in constant contact and will advise as soon as the packed is shipped!


Contact us and to clear any queries that may appear, we are always available!  bleathershoes@gmail.com