We Invite you to Visit Our Factory!

We are a traditional manufacturing factory with many years on the road. We are based in Franca (state of São Paulo, Brazil) and have an office in Rio de Janeiro. 

This video shows the manufacturing process of our products. You can see they are made with a lot of care. We love what we do and we hope you will be satisfied with the quality and beauty of our shoes.

We also have few partners that we are proud of and one of them is our most important commercial partner FedEx, that delivers our products door to door to the US safely and quickly. 


Shop with confidence

Assured of a quality product with guaranteed delivery.


E-commerce must be based on consumer confidence about what you see is what you get. But not so regarding footwear and leather products as currently technology can create synthetic leather, nappa calfskin and who knows what more. How should consumers make out exactly what they are buying only through a photo? We want to give assurance we are offering is high quality original leather. If some models may present mixing with any other product we will display exact description for better evaluation.